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Jeannet Reyes a psychopath scamming criminal roaming Nevada & California communities , Geovanni Reyes , Juana Reyes , Luis Reyes , Ryan Wroblewski, Barricks Gold, Elko Spring Creek Valley, Perris Moreno Valley

JEANNET MIRIAM REYES aka Jenny Osorio / Wroblewski , sister to Joel Ballinas & Giovanni Reyes, daughter to Juana & Luis Reyes, (Born 11/2/1988 , Originally from Santa Ana & Perris, CA, but now a resident of Spring Creek / Elko NV ) is a pathological liar, scammer, indifferent soulless psychopath that leaves people for dead after they found  out about the secret double lives she lives behind your back. She will defraud & deceive you in business dealings, friendships, sooner or later. Maybe not at first, but even if you’ve known her for years, do not think that she won’t stab you in the back at any given moment. She has defrauded others out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. She will never ask for forgiveness, she doesn’t care about getting forgiveness, she doesn’t care about destroying lives.



She is willing to lie to your face, endlessly, over every little detail, relentlessly, even beyond exhaustion & will change lies to new excuses, & will never cave or crack under pressure. She can never admit to the fraud & deception she has done, so she must keep lying. Even in a court room, she would rather lie under oath & commit perjury as she did in 2018:

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Jeannet Miriam Reyes , scammer Elko Spring Creek Nevada Perris California

This is the slogan that Jeannet Miriam Reyes lives by.


She has also admitted to identity theft & fraud in 2017, talking here about fearing going to jail:




She is being investigated by CPS, because somehow she is a nanny for a completely clueless family whose mother Tiffany Eck can’t realize the evil monster they have watching their 3 children. Someone that holds guns to heads & makes endless extreme self-harm desires SHOULD NEVER BE AROUND KIDS, but the fact she has gotten away with it for so long just shows what kind of discreet off the grid shit hole Elko / Spring Creek is, & that she knew she would be allowed to conduct her fraud against victims from afar & dangerous activities from within such a wasteland. If you ever confront her with confusion over the deceptive way she is acting because you are confused & ask for her honesty, or to clarify a lie she is telling, she will put a gun to her head & make you feel guilty that you are the reason that she is going to kill herself, rather than the truth being that she pulls guns out because she lives secret lives & scams people along the way & she freaks out when she feels pressured that you are too close to the truth. Video coming MAY 2018



Another side of her as she lies while being naked to try to seduce to distract from her lying. She was claiming she needed to have sex with the person she sent this video to, to continue keeping him in the dark about a double life she was living. She just lies to lie while stealing money from people she uses sex to get what she wants, while endlessly claiming she is a virgin, while others she scams with fake dogs for sale ads, or doing identity fraud, etc.



Jeannet Reyes with her mother Juana Reyes Jeannet Reyes , Giovanni Reyes , Joel Ballinas , Perris California Elko Spring Creek Nevada , Jeannette Reyes

Jeannet Reyes, Juana Reyes, Luis Reyes, Joel Ballinas, Geovanni Reyes - Crime family Perris CA

Jeannet Reyes with her co conspirator brother Giovanni Reyes

Jeannet Miriam Reyes with her father Luis Reyes , works at Onyx in Santa Ana, CA Jeannet Reyes with her Grandma

The Reyes family is a crime family of scammers & thieves. Together, through Jeannet Reyes, they helped facilitate a $100,000+ fraud sustained for years through deception & lies. Her mother Juana Reyes , her father Luis Reyes , & her brother Giovanni Reyes all received cash payments from the victim, & then relayed the funds to the psychopath Jeannet Reyes in the double life she was living. Jeannet Reyes uses her grandma to lie repeatedly, in great detail, to cover he tracks & create illusions for years. Anyone near this family should be on maximum alert from being scammed.

The Reyes family lives at 19359 Summerwind Trail, Perris, CA 92570

Jeannet Reyes lives at 307 Lakeport Dr, Spring Creek, NV 89815 with her co-conspirator, divorced, serial cheater scumbag boyfriend Ryan Wroblewski

Ryan Wroblewski , divorced cheating scumbag with Jeannet Miriam Reyes , Spring Creek Elko Nevada







Even her own brother, Geovanni Reyes, who got matching pinky tattoos together back in 2015, now calls his sister Jeannet Reyes a complete liar who he doesn’t even know anymore. Her own brother thinks that little of this evil monster.

& Derek Ernst, who is the best friend of Ryan Wroblewski, who is also her best friend’s husband, had a revelation that Jeannet Reyes was playing them all & called her a fucking liar. So many people are lied to by this evil monster for years, & then she scams them in some way to make people realize too late that they are her latest victim. Don’t be the next!

Derek Ernst Amanda Ernst Elko Nevada, Jeannet Reyes Ryan Wroblewski



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     Jeannet Reyes , Geovanni Reyes , parents Luis & Juana Reyes Jeannet Reyes & brother Joel Ballinas Jeannet Reyes, Nanny for Tiffany Eck's 3 kids, has been reported to CPS for her extreme violent self harm thoughts, her identity theft & perjury crimes.



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